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The Bayern-Bosses call us spies

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I turn off at the Munich Terminal to my gate for my flight to the cup-match in Leipzig when a familiar voice welcomes me: “Mister Falk, does the SportBild have spies at Lufthansa? Or why do you allways know which machine we take?“. It’s Uli Hoeneß who has fun while teasing me. Actually, it is […]

A day with Philipp Lahm, Klitschko & Rosberg

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Just a few meters seperate me from the Lufthansa-Lounge when I get a fright by a voice from behind while I was tipping a SMS. “Oh, Mr. Falk ist also on the way to his gate…“ Now I recognize Philipp Lahm who put his cap deep into his face. Using the polite form is a […]

Titan-Talk with Kahn

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„Christian, you here !“, this is how Oliver Kahn, who sits on leather chair in a room of the Herathouse, welcomes me. Kahn and I, we know each other for 20 years now and of course he knows that we have an appointement, but he loves joking. The „Medientage München GmbH“ has loan the „Social […]

“Arturo knew it!”

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“Arturo has announced it, Arturo knew it!”, Joshua Kimmich shouted to me before he waved and left the Fisht stadium just before midnight, where the national team had won against Australia, Cameroon and now also against Mexico. Only the Chileans could get a point, in Kazan, against the german national team which was mocked by […]