Kroos would have been better than Sanchez – and much cheaper

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We had spoken about it on the phone just one week before. Tuesday morning, Toni Kroos is bringing his son to kindergarten. I say him: “If you win your third Champions League title in Cardiff, you are the first German who has achieved this, since the generation Beckenbauer. Toni is silent and takes this idea in. “If I imagine to be named in the same sentences with legends like Beckenbauer, I have to say that that is something special. And just because of the tiles I have won” he replies. After the 4-1 win over Juventus, Toni not only managed to win the trophy for the third time, but also to defend the titles like Beckenbauer and Co. have done at the old Champions-Cup, too. In the history of Champions League no one ever achieved that. And there is always the thought: Would have Bayern, with Toni Kroos; won the tight matchup against Real Madrid ?

Two years ago, in April, I visited Toni in Madrid. Toni welcomed me on the roof terrace of “Ciudad Real Madrid”, the training center of the Royals. One year after he has left Munich, I knew that the reason why he didn’t stay at Munich was only one million Euro – admitted, per year. This afternoon I will not make him to confirm that. Unlike this conversation.

Toni laughs a little bit when I confront him with the missing million euros of the Bayern offer, again. For him this is already so far away. That is why he has no problem to talk about it openly. “Of course, we did not come together financially, you can say it like that” he replies, adding, “When I look back at the whole situation, I am honestly glad about not coming to an agreement with FC Bayern. At first it was my idea to stay in Munich if we come together with our ideas.” The sentence will be the headline of this edition of my magazine. One million more and Kroos would have played in the Bayern jersey this season. On the business card of his Bayern colleagues is still a Champions-League title of 2013, while on Kroos’s card you can find 2016 and 2017, too.

In Madrid Kroos earns 10.9 million euros per year – net income – instead of the 10 million euros gross in Munich. Alexis Sanchez wants to earn over 20 million euros a year. FC Bayern is thinking about fulfilling the Chileans’ wish. Sanchez has never won the Champions League.